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Chilling Mysteries and Thrillers

Love crime in a cold climate? The people at Ezvid have put together a list of 9 thrillers (including Zodiac Station) that go deep into sub-zero temperatures.


Lost Temple Trailer

A short film filling in some of the backstory to the novel.


Interactive Map of the First Crusade

This requires the Flash player. It takes quite a long time to load, so please be patient.


Down Under

A short film I made for the Straight 8 competition. Can Gavin dig deep to find his long-lost father?


Royal Flush

A short film that I helped produce, write and direct. Nothing whatsoever to do with the crusades.


Audio: Siege of Heaven

Chapter 1, from the Soundings audiobook read by Gareth Armstrong. Listen online or download the mp3.

Audio: The Mosaic of Shadows

Chapter 1, read by the author. Listen online or download the mp3.



Tom Harper fans celebrate the launch of Siege of Heaven by dressing up as their favourite characters.

Articles & Interviews

Plato and Chandler

The unlikely parallels between Plato's ideal philosopher and Chandler's ideal detective.


What Book?

I tell the Daily Mail which books I love and loathe. (external)


vs Dan Brown

The bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code & me - are we so very different? (external)


Robyn Young

Fellow Crusades novelist Robyn Young and I share our thoughts on research, writing and history.


Shots Feature

An article for Shots e-zine about my inspiration for writing The Lazarus Vault. (external)


CC Humphreys

I swap yarns with the swashbuckling author who's also an occasional drinking buddy. (external)


In the Footsteps of the Crusade

A travel article I wrote for the Observer newspaper about one of my research trips. (external)



The Page 69 Test

Lost Temple undergoes the Page 69 test. (external)